Project REACH

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Project REACH targets youth ages 10-18 through a network of community resources in the Gregg, Smith, and Harrison counties. It is through these community resources that Project REACH implements evidence-based strategies that help build a solid foundation for the overall health and well-being of adolescents. These strategies include:

• Family involvement
• Strengthening academic skills & opportunities
• Strengthening school-to-work
• Mentoring
• Service learning/community involvement
• Referrals to preventive health
• Health & mental health care referrals
• Alternative activities to enhance self-esteem

REACH is a project funded by Department of State Health Services-Title V Population Based division to provide comprehensive healthy adolescent initiatives through evidence-based positive youth development strategies for youth in the East Texas area. Initiative strategies are guided by the assistance of the Local Community Leadership Group (LCLG) to focus on adolescent health issues. The Project’s goal is to increase protective factors and build resiliency in youth through positive decision making, building self-esteem, and focusing on future orientation.

Our Focus

• Implement a quality program for youth to participate
• Provide youth the ability to have a voice among their peers and mentors
• Encompass a positive environment for youth to grow and flourish in

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Our Approach

• Meet teens in our community and find out what they want for their future
• Equip youth with the right knowledge to make smart choices
• Continue to inspire truth, belief, and hope in youth today in order to build a united community

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